Vaastu Shastra and its Need in Human Life and Building Constructions

Today I am going to share a few information about Vaastu Shastra and its Need in Human Life and Building Constructions. As I know and according to my daily practices and experiences in structural designing and building constructions field, all most all clients are going to focus on Vaastu during all types of designs and constructions like: independent houses, villas, apartments, garages, silos, hotels, parks, playground, schools and so on.

Vaastu Shastra and its Need in Human Life and Building Constructions

Before understanding about the Vaastu shastra we should come to know the perfect meaning of Vaastu. Vaastu means a dwelling place which was initially used to refer to the homes of GODs and Human beings. Vaastu can create magical change in the life. However, with time, it came to be associated with the right location as well as design of almost any and every structure. Be it one plot, residential intricate, shop, display room, business, residential preventing or spiritual place like temple, Chapel, Masjid, Church and so on. Vaastu tips are usually followed while building each and every constructions. Coming deep to residential, it takes an important place in all the activities of our day to day life.

Vaastu shastra means the science of the built area which is a good ancient Indian architectural science. It is the study of the power (or force/energy) of nature and their effect on an individual’s immediate environment. This science is actually perfectly in tune with the natural laws and lays down the rules to create compatible (or harmonious) environs for living by connecting the individual with cosmic forces surrounding us.

Vaastu shastra is the scientific study of directions, which aims at utilizing the natural powers (or energies). The Natural powers are available free of cost for the benefit of humans which can be utilized by creating a good balance between human and materials. As a science, it sources the positive energy from the natural elements of the universe – the panchbhootas, namely,
1. Earth
2. Water
3. Air
4. Fire
5. Sky.

vaastu shastra

All of these 5 elements, for construction a congenial mode or a place to live or work in, in most the scientific way, exploring the features (or benefits) bestowed by the 5 basic elements.

The balance in nature can be easily seen among all the moving bodies by the human beings, but unfortunately they’re unable to see such equilibrium in a static body. Vaastu shastra intention at guiding construction in such a way that establishes the equilibrium, so that there is no obstacle (or problem) to the flow of magnetic waves, from the North Pole to South Pole. It is believed that creating such a stability (or balance) helps people miss out on various types of diseases, accidents, injuries, calamities, and so on, that might have occurred or else.

Vaastu is a very good historic practice that was evolved by learned guys of the past, for the welfare of mankind. This is actually a large field of study that designates certain principles, covering way of good health (physical and mental), money and success to enter our house. The principles of Vaastu, which were laid down in the ancient times, are usually purely based on the effect of sun rays during different times of the day. They continue to be used by people till date, while undertaking any form of construction, to keep everything in balance (or equilibrium).

The engineering structure of a house forms one of the key considerations in Vaastu shastra. Once the house construction is weak, vaastu is actually also weak, and when house construction is actually strong as per construction engineering department, vaastu also works strong.

When it comes to residential Vaastu, each and every aspect of a house is taken into consideration. Right from the master bedroom, hall, kitchen and kids’ room to the bathroom and even the store, garage, there is actually not even one single component in house that is missed by Vaastu Shastra. For example, best direction for master bedroom construction is southwest, while for additional rooms; core, southern and central west directions are appropriate. After that, for prayer hall or room, yellow or sandal color is just perfect for walls. Like this, there are many additional and unique Vaastu top tips that need to be followed while constructing as well as furnishing a house or place. You can find out so many top tips related to Vaastu or other topics on this site.