Psychology of Color

We always love beautiful homes, offices or whatever where we live or stay. During new building construction or during old building renovation, we focus on all point to point matters but maximum numbers of people forget to select the painting colors on the basis of the Psychology of Color. If you think that what is there with the color, we can select any type of color as per our choices but do you know or not; in the world maximum numbers of big big companies have used the perfect color for their logos on the basis of the Psychology of Color. Your home is definitely bigger than the logos then why you should not think once about the Psychology of Color.

Perfect color can give you positive energy, spiritual awareness, positive vision, luxury, quality, truth, etc.

Some Facts:

  • You believe it or not but studies show that red can make you do poorly on exams!  “Red is hypothesized to impair performance on achievement tasks, because red is associated with the danger of failure in achievement contexts and evokes avoidance motivation.”
  • Many restaurants use red in their signage/ads. Many restaurants use red to stimulate appetite.
  • Don’t paint a baby’s room yellow, because they are more prone to crying.
  • People are more productive in blue rooms. Blue is often used in corporate business because it is productive and not invasive.
  • White color is great for creating the illusion of space.
  • Ancient Egyptians believed that Black color is symbolized life and rebirth.
  • Green color has long been a symbol of fertility and was once the preferred color choice for wedding gowns in the 15th century.
  • Workers in green environments have fewer stomach aches.
  • Many kings wore purple robes.

Here is the instant solution for selecting of colors on the basis of the Psychology of Color which is designed by the specialists.

What colors to paint your home and why?

Blue – Most productive color.

Green – Tranquility and Health

Girl’s Room:
Pink – Calming, Warm

Yellow – Increase metabolism brightness room, gives you energy.

Living Room:
Lavender – Calms the nerves, allows relaxation

Dining Room:
Red – Encourages Appetite

Psychology of Color:

– Purity
– Innocence
– Empty
– Spacious

– Cheerful or warm
– Most likely to strain eyes or cause eye fatigue
– Makes babies cry

– Evokes strong emotions
– Encourages appetite
– Passion or intensity
– Red roses symbolize love

– The color most preferred by men
– Calmness or serenity
– Most used color for offices
– Curbs appetite
– Associated with water and peace

– Health
– Tranquility
– Money
– Nature

This given below image explains about all types of Color Psychology.

psychology of color

Image Courtesy: Painters of Louisville