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In search of the Best Physiotherapy Clinic in Bangalore, Internet Admedia reached to a Physiotherapy Clinic in Horamavu Main Road, Bangalore and it is popularly known as “Revive Physiotherapy Clinic”. The Founder of Revive Physiotherapy Clinic is Dr. Merlyn Hilda. Pioneerly established in Horamavu, Bangalore with a team of specialized Physiotherapists, Revive prominently aims at providing quality Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation services . You can read all facts about REVIVE and professional life of the Founder here below, shared in a face to face interview by Founder with Internet Admedia.


Founder’s Full Name:
Dr. Merlyn Hilda

Dr. Merlyn Hilda completed her degree in one of India’s best medical institutions the “CHRISTIAN MEDICAL COLLEGE, VELLORE”. Graduated by the year 2006, she has worked in various capacities with many NGO’s, Neuromuscular & Pediatric Rehabilitation in various states of INDIA. Dr. Merlyn is one among the few Trained PODIATRISTS in Bangalore.

At present Dr.Merlyn leads a team of physiotherapists with various specialisations such as Spine Manipulations, Pediatric Physical Therapy and other Rehabilitation specialists. She is also involved in running Ergonomic Work Place Analysis for the clients working in various IT-Companies like DELL, HP, WIPRO, BOSCH, ORACLE, HONEYWELL and banks like HSBC, SBI & SYNDICATE.

“FREEDOM TO BE ABLE ” is a program that targets the people below the poverty line with proper authenticated documents and referrals to access the Physical Therapy interventions in Dr. Merlyn’s Clinic. It adds a unique Dimension of Social Responsibility to her clinic which is one of her pioneering work right through her career where ever she served.

Dr. Merlyn Hilda

Contact Numbers:
+91-8553776509 (Hot Line)

Clinic Address:
Revive Physiotherapy Clinic
# 7, MVH Complex, Beside Horamavu Railway Crossing,
Hoysala Nagar MAin Road,
Horamavu, Bangalore – 560043



Emergency Services:
For any other emergencies or queries when the clinic is closed, contact us through our Hot Line Number (+91-8553776509)

Why is your Physiotherapy Clinic the best in Bangalore?
Evidence Based Approaches and Efficient results are our Strengths.

Specialist In:
– Orthopedic Post-op & Pre-op Physio
– Neurological Rehabilitation
– Pediatric Rehabilitation
– Electrotherapy like Ultrasound, IFT, IRR
– Exercise Therapy for the Therapeutic Needs
– NGO Services
– Spine Care
– Manual Mobilisation
– Conservative Managements of Spine Dysfunctions, RSI & Sports Injuries
– Geriatric Rehabilitation
– House Visits for Immediate needs following Surgeries
– Ergonomic Work Place Evaluations
– Floor Talks on Ergonomics in IT Companies
– etc.

Conservative Managements of Spine Dysfunftions

Has Experience in treating various clients with different Physical therapy needs for over 12 years cumulatively.

Best Rehabilitation Packages:
For details contact our Hot Line Number (+91-8553776509)

Services Available In (Locations):
– All over North Bangalore for Rehabilitation purpose.
– All over Bangalore for NGO services.
– All over Bangalore and India for Ergonomic Solutions.

Satisfied Clients:
– More than 1800 Clients in 2013 – 2014.
– 2000 Post Operative Rehabilitated clients.

Awarded for proficiency in the field of Physiotherapy in the year 2007

Mission Statement:
Restoring Efficiently Valuable Health through Innovative & Varied Evidence based Approach

Aim of your Professional Life:
To Provide best quality of Physical Rehabilitation and to achieve a newer dimension in independence & Pain Relief of clients ability & Physical fitness respectively.

What is timing for your Clinic?
Monday to Friday – Morning (7:00AM to 1:00PM), Evening (5:00PM to 9:00PM)
Saturday-Morning(9:00AM-2:00PM). Evening: Closed
2nd Saturday & Sunday: Holiday
All the clients would be preferred to be seen only with Prior Appointments.

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Emergency Services

Neurological Rehabilitation

Dr. Merlyn Hilda

Exercise Therapy for the Therapeutic Needs

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